Quaker Cupboard continues reclaimed breakfast program


Quaker Cupboard in King Hall during reclaimed breakfast // Photo by Elanna Reber // The Guilfordian

Guilford’s Quaker Cupboard has long been known for their program known as reclaimed breakfast. They will be serving free breakfast in King Hall, room 122, from 10:30 to 12:30 a.m. every week day. It is open to all students who can make it. 

“The Quaker Cupboard is a student run food pantry available for Guilford students, faculty, staff and also to the wider Greensboro community,” said sophomore and long-time volunteer Haydyn Foulke.

People can come and receive non-perishable foods, fruits, vegetables, organic produce, juices, bread, sandwich makings, snacks and even some hygiene items. The Quaker Cupboard’s conventional hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, but the doors are always open for people to come and go anytime.

The Quaker Cupboard is run by a Guilford club that recently became independent from the Food Justice Club.

“The club recently separated from the Food Justice Club to be an independent club, and the Quaker Cupboard is now seeking their own funding,” Foulke said.

The Quaker Cupboard’s primary long-term goal for the future is to keep the food pantry open to the local Greensboro community as well as to the Guilford community.

The overall goals of the Quaker Cupboard program are to increase access to food for people who are facing food insecurity because of financial or location reasons. They also want to provide healthy food for people who might not have access to it. The new breakfast program is an extension of their goals.

“Reclaimed Breakfast was started to provide a meal for students who missed breakfast at the dining hall, don’t have enough meal swipes or can’t afford to buy breakfast,” said Delilah Stover, a new volunteer. 

Access to food is an issue at Guilford, in the Greensboro community and worldwide. Many people and many families struggle to have enough to eat, often due to location and financial limitations. Often when struggling families have access to food, it’s unhealthy, such as fast food or fatty foods. They may not have access to organic produce or products that have healthy proteins.

The Cupboard hopes to add dairy products like milk, cheese and eggs to their inventory.

“An additional goal for the future is to be able to provide snacks for the Bonner service sites,” Foulke said. 

The Cupboard also hopes to be able to offer more food to other Guilford programs.

“The Quaker Cupboard receives its food from local grocery stores and Guilford club Sprout on a weekly basis, yet more is needed to reach their goals,” Foulke said.

Donations can be left at the Quaker Cupboard. You can make arrangements for pick up by contacting the Quaker Cupboard during service hours.


Editor’s note: This story originally was published in Volume 106, Issue 2 of The Guilfordian on Oct. 11 2019.