LakeFest continues as lasting Guilford tradition

LakeFest held on Saturday had performances, a ferris wheel, food trucks and a mural that students were able to paint.//Photo by Abigail Bekele/The Guilfordian

On Saturday, March 30, from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., Guilford and Greensboro community members gathered by the lake for Serendipity’s, or G-Chella’s, annual LakeFest. Despite the high winds and smaller turnout in comparison to past years, those who showed up seemed to enjoy their time outdoors in the warm, 70 degree and sunny weather.

LakeFest, organized by the Campus Activities Board, provided attendees with a variety of outdoor activities. CAB’s hard work was displayed through hours of live music, foods from local vendors, a lemonade stand, a ferris wheel, a paint by numbers stand and cornhole.

Of all the activities available to attendees, the most commonly favored was the live music. Junior Sophie McDowell agrees with this sentiment and feels that one of the best parts of Lake Fest was being able to hear what Guilford music-makers had to offer.

“I thought it was cool that Guilford students performed, like YP (junior Phillip Williams) showed some of his new music, and that band Love Train performed,” McDowell said, “It was really cool to see YP perform live.”

It is somewhat rare that Guilford provides a widespread opportunity like LakeFest to allow student music makers to show off their talent, but when they do, it brings the student community closer together as they see what their fellow classmates are excelling in.

Unlike last year’s LakeFest, which offered a wide variety of carnival-themed rides and activities, this year saw fewer rides in exchange for other interactive activities that were available to students.

“It’s not as good as it was the last two years,” junior Annika Norris said. “There are only two rides, but last year they had a surfboard ride and a bull, in addition to the ferris wheel, which I thought was super fun.”

To make up for this lack of rides, however, junior Carolyn Worley and sophomore Max Kotsnonis crafted a boat made mostly out of pickle jars and wood, which they rode into the lake toward the end of the afternoon event.

Those around to witness this boat sailing, like McDowell, were thrilled to be able to see the handiwork of their friends and classmates.

“That was really cool and fun to experience,” McDowell said.

Another ride-related highlight of the day’s events was the ferris wheel, which has been a long-lasting Serendipity tradition. Students who are unsure about the transition of Serendipity to G-Chella, like junior Caroline Grossman, were happy to see the return of the ferris wheel.

“I really like the ferris wheel,” said Grossman. “It’s something we have at a lot of events and I think it’s something that feels like Serendipity as opposed to G-Chella. I really don’t like the renovation of Serendipity into G-Chella.

“With the Edge and all the renovations on campus, Serendipity is something that feels very Guilford and I feel like LakeFest is turning very much into something it’s not. As far as the food goes, I wish Azteca’s food truck was here again this year,” Grossman said.

Others, however, were excited about the food truck and other vendors at Lake Fest this year. The Hillbilly Philly had entree options such as philly cheesesteaks, barbeque and jalapeno poppers. At different times throughout the event, students waited in line to get food for upwards of thirty minutes.

“The food was great,” McDowell said. “I had really good barbeque, chicken and ribs, and the funnel cake was really good.”

Despite the many changes to 2019’s LakeFest, there appeared to be something for everyone to enjoy.

of great musical performances, plenty of food and the opportunity for many community members to gather outdoors in a common space and enjoy each other’s company made Lake Fest a memorable event for many this year.

In light of the apparent changes going on around campus, LakeFest was a reminder that students are capable of carrying on some long-lasting Guilford traditions.