Halloween Fest encourages student unity


Ezra Weiss

Students gather outside of Founders to paint pumpkins and celebrate Halloween. People came in costume and they were able to try different candy from different parts of the world. //Photo By Ezra Weiss/The Guilfordian

On Wednesday, Oct. 30, International Club and Hispanos Unidos de Guilford hosted Guilford’s Halloween Fest from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The event was set up outside of Founders Hall and presented students with various Halloween-themed activities.

In the spirit of Halloween, Halloween Fest gave attendees the opportunity to enter a costume contest. Ranging from referees to butterflies, students dressed in a wide variety of costumes for the event.

“I mostly came to Halloween fest because I am a part of International Club, and we all came to this event dressed up in our costumes,” first-year student Ade Oladele said.

In addition to the costume contest, Halloween Fest presented students with an opportunity to share a part of their culture through candy. Candies from various countries around the world were set out for students to try, and attendees were encouraged to bring candy from their hometown to share with others.

“The Halloween Fest was a good way to do fun stuff on Halloween with other students,” sophomore Ree Ree Wei said. “It’s also a great opportunity to share international candies, so there’s some exposure to other cultures. My favorite parts of Halloween Fest are the music and candies.”

Not only were students at Halloween Fest able to share their culture with the Guilford community through candy, they also had the opportunity to learn about other attendees’ culture. Halloween Fest presented an opportunity for the community to come together, specifically for newer students who are still adjusting to life at Guilford.

“It’s a great way to meet other people in the community,” senior Shea Orth-Moore said. “When I was a new student, I used events like this to get out into the community, and I want to provide that opportunity to other students through Halloween Fest.”

In addition to giving students the chance to come together for a Halloween-themed event, Halloween Fest also showed students the result of collaboration between two campus clubs. Both International Club and Hispanos Unidos de Guilford worked to put on Halloween Fest for the Guilford community.

“I am the president of International Club, and we worked with HUG to put on Halloween Fest,” Orth-Moore said. “I think that it’s awesome when clubs come together to put on events together and do something festive.”

Both International Club and Hispanos Unidos de Guilford are at work planning future community events to benefit the Guilford community and create a unified, uplifting environment at Guilford.