Guided Discovery hosts open house in library

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One of the biggest transitions Guilford College made for this fall was the introduction of Guided Discovery to replace the Career Development office. The Guided Discovery team was made official and the College made an official announcement on Oct. 5. The team is comprised of Guilford Guides who act as new academic and career advisors for current students and alumni.

Guided Discovery offers resources for support on academic planning, experiential learning and internships, career planning and preparing for life past Guilford. On Wednesday, Oct. 24, the Guided Discovery team hosted an Open House on the main floor of Hege Library where hot chocolate was served as a part of the changing seasons and opportunities for LinkedIn headshots for attendees.

“We had a great turnout at the event,” said Director of Integrated Career Advising Karrie Manson ’82. “It made me happy to see so many upper-class students involved. People may feel what we are doing is geared toward first-years, but it is really for everyone.”

Junior Phillip Williams attended the event in search of a headshot for an internship opportunity.

“They said I needed a headshot for my profile by the end of the week,” Williams said. “I could not find anywhere to get one professionally done in time, and I saw an announcement (for the Open House) in the Buzz. It was super convenient and very helpful.”

First-year student Annalee Durland-Jones was a photographer at the Open House who took headshots for students. She noted the highlights of working with the Guided Discovery team.

“Back home in Virginia, I started my own professional photography business,” Durland-Jones said. “Now that I have moved to Greensboro, I am working with other local photographers to take my photography to the next level.

“My first-year experience (FYE) class teacher, Amber Slade, who is one of the Guilford Guides, reached out to me and after viewing my photos for the Athletic Department. After reviewing my portfolio and discussing their needs with me, the Guided Discovery team hired me for the event.”

Slade is one of seven current Guilford Guides, and for Durland-Jones, has demonstrated all been a helpful academic and career adviser.

“Amber is absolutely awesome,” said Durland-Jones. “She is someone on campus that pushes me to do my best, pursue what I love and, although it sounds cheesy, make my dreams a reality. She has already helped me make connections within the Guilford community and is always a friendly face in the cafeteria.

“I look forward to laughing in every class she teaches. Amber’s laughter and joy is contagious, and she makes my day every day.”

When the College announced the removal of Career Development last semester, it was met with a lot of backlash from both students and staff. Many were distraught by the loss of a service that helped students find job and internship opportunities after graduation and did not know what all the Guided Discovery program would entail.

“I think in the beginning of the semester, there was confusion,” Manson said. “People would ask, ‘where’s Career Development?’ Once people understood the conference and we hired more staff, people started to see it as a good idea.”

The Guided Discovery team will host an internship panel on Wednesday, Nov. 7, featuring two professionals along with a student. Vivian Langley, Talent Development Manager at Cone Health, Dr. Glen Saldanha, Doctor of Physical Therapy at BreakThrough Physical Therapy and junior Julia Goldsmith, a former intern with Global Brands Group, make up the panel and will offer tips and advice for students wishing to stand out as candidates and maximize an internship opportunity.

Guided Discovery will also hold a resume clinic on Nov. 14 and a graduate school and post-graduate service panel on Nov. 28. Students can learn more about Guided Discovery’s many opportunities at