Students spend break visiting family, traveling

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After months of hard work, Guilford students, faculty and staff had the chance to relax during their winter break. Guilford’s winter break occurred from the day final exams ended on Dec. 15, 2017, to the first day of the spring semester on Jan. 8, 2018. But during this time, how exactly did the Guilford community spend these three weeks?

Many members of the Guilford community went home to visit their families and friends and celebrate the holidays with them. Others, such as first-year Delaney Martin, continued to work.

“I worked over the break,” said Martin, an education studies and English double major. “I made some extra money, so that was good.”

Throughout the fall semester, many students focused their attention on passing their classes and acquiring credits for graduation. This made having a job difficult for some students, and winter break presented itself as a good opportunity for them to earn money.

Other students, faculty and staff used their break as an opportunity to spend time with their family. Most students live on campus, as Guilford is a residential campus. This means that students who have family living far away may not be able to visit their family very often. Other students, faculty and staff also have extended family that they do not have the opportunity to see all the time.

“I stayed with my family,” said Assistant Professor of Computing Technology and Information Systems Chafic Bou-Saba.

Even for those who can see their family more often than others, winter break gave the Guilford community time to take the focus off of academic obligations, and instead concentrate on those around them.

“I didn’t really do much over the break,” said sophomore Aaneva Johnson-Clarke, a biology and health science double major. “I decorated my whole house.”

Many members of the Guilford community took the time away from classes to try new things and get out of their comfort zone to have new experiences.

“The winter break provides students with various opportunities,” said Early College at Guilford student Sreya Halder. “For example … taking my mind off work and exploring other hobbies.”

Another exciting time for the Guilford community over the winter break was New Year’s. Many students, faculty and staff spent New Year’s with friends and family. The new year is often seen as a new opportunity and a clean start. Many people kick off the new year by throwing parties and making resolutions.

“I want to work out and cook more this year,” said Early College at Guilford student Annette Varghese.

As the winter break came to an end, the Guilford community prepared for the spring 2018 semester. The new semester will surely bring challenges for the Guilford community, but also new opportunities to take hold of.