Simple Gesture brings goodwill to community

All it takes is a simple gesture to donate over 111,744 pounds of food to community members in need.

A Simple Gesture Greensboro serves the Greensboro community through a food collection program that supports food banks and pantries in Guilford County. Donors keep reusable green bags in their kitchen and add one non-perishable food item to them each week. Every two months, donors leave the green bags outside their front door and volunteers collect the food items and leave the empty bag for the next collection.

On Sept. 24, A Simple Gesture hosted In the Bag, a free family event at The Tracks, the new Kotis Property, to engage the community to help end hunger in Greensboro.

“A Simple Gesture started out of Westminster Presbyterian Church (in Greensboro),” said Peter Isakoff, husband of Executive Director Leslie Isakoff, before the event.

“This is their first big fundraiser. We are hoping for a big turnout.”

The event featured live music from Jonas Sees in Color, Old Heavy Hands and House of Fools. Attendees feasted on mouth-watering delights from Pulled Piggy, Zeko’s 2 Go, Burger Warfare and Kona Ice. A human foosball tournament attracted participants with an active appetite.

“Our goal was to get the word out about A Simple Gesture,” said Leslie Isakoff.

“We wanted to tell people that giving is so easy, anybody can do it. Even if you are a student or a young family. We really wanted to bring in a younger demographic and teach them about A Simple Gesture. The best way I could think of doing that is great bands, great food and a little foosball.”

In the Bag attracted everyone from five year-olds excited to play human foosball to college students wanting to support A Simple Gesture.

“On campus, you would be surprised,” said Tatyana Davis, a junior at University of North Carolina, Greensboro. “There are a lot of college students who don’t have food supplies, don’t have places to eat. I hope people become more educated and aware that food insecurity is a huge problem in Greensboro.

“We can always help. We can always donate. I am grateful to be here. So far, it has been a great experience, and I am so glad I can help out the community in any way I can.”

While the In the Bag sported an exuberant atmosphere, A Simple Gesture hoped to remind people of the hard truth about Greensboro and Guilford County.

“People should know that we are one of the hungriest cities in the country,” said Leslie Isakoff.

“Last year, we were ranked the hungriest, and this year, we are down to number nine. We are making huge progress, but it is still a call to action. We don’t want to be on the top 10 list or even the top 100 list. Please help, please sign-up, every bag helps!”

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