Creativity springs forth at end-of-year events: Homegrown Film Festival displays talented student filmmakers


Lights, camera, action! Film festival time has arrived. With the approach of the Guilford Film Society’s Homegrown Film Festival on April 20, student filmmakers eagerly anticipate their chance to showcase the fruits of their labor.

Despite its humble beginnings, the Homegrown Film Festival has grown into a highly anticipated time of the year for student filmmakers. The various filmmakers have the opportunity to create a unique piece of art and showcase it to fellow students.

With such an eclectic group of filmmakers, the film festival is a truly unique event that promises not to disappoint. The festival has grown into an event that creates a diverse filmmaking experience.

“We wanted the whole Guilford community to be involved,” said senior Aaron Bland, vice president of Guilford Film Society. “There’s a lot of diversity with what people are doing — not like Hollywood movies.”

The festival is comprised of many different types of films. From narratives to animations, many genres of movies are represented. This year, the films featured vary from one about a teenager who believes he has the power to ruin anything to a documentary following a student getting his first tattoo.

The films, which are completely shot, edited and produced by students, require countless hours of dedicated work. For most, the end product comes as a result of the love for filmmaking.

Since the tiny beginnings of the original event, with fewer than 20 films presented, the numbers of filmmakers and fans of the event alike has grown significantly.

“Since I love film in general, it is good to see that there’s a growing film culture at Guilford,” Bland said.

For most of the filmmakers, the event is the capstone project for a filmmaking class. For all those involved, the event will be a grand showcase for those who love making films.

“I envision it as an awesome experience for Guilford students to exhibit their work,” first-year Eric Freeman said.

Last year’s festival was a two-day event, but with fewer entries this
year, the festival will likely only last one day.

There are high hopes for this year’s film festival, and with high hopes come big expectations. And these are expectations that will easily be met by this year’s crop of highly talented filmmakers.