Life After Guilford: Dress to impress at your job interview

Your resume is superb. Your application, sublime. Your outfit … subpar.

Dressing appropriately for an interview helps you make a great first impression. But what does “dressing appropriately” really mean?

“When going to an interview … always wear a conservative suit or dress,” said career adviser Teresa Fitzgerald in an email interview. “It is best to be over-dressed than under-dressed.”

Looking good in your interview shows that you care about the job. If you wear wrinkled, unclean or unprofessional clothing, you likely will not be taken seriously.

“A poorly dressed applicant would show lack of consideration for the position,” said Fitzgerald. “If the intent of the applicant is to get the job, they would be appropriately dressed.”

Worried about dressing for an upcoming job interview? The Career Development Center can help with their frequent “Dress for Success” workshops.

“We also offer one-on-one consultations,” said Amanda Fontenot, career counselor and assistant director of the Career Development Center, in an email interview. “If you need that professional attire but lack the funds for a costly suit purchase, we can suggest a few stores that will have what you are looking for with a college budget–friendly price tag.”