News in Brief


Flights to and from the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi were diverted on Nov. 3 as visibility became too poor due to extreme pollution. Air quality indexes reached “hazardous” levels. Additionally, Greenpeace and AirVisual ranked New Delhi as the most polluted city in the world, with six other Indian cities also on the list. Pollution in New Delhi usually worsens at this time of year due to the celebration of Diwali and the usage of fire by farmers to clear their land. The government has ordered for five million face masks to be distributed to children.


Greg Johnson, an American and editor-in-chief of the white supremacist Counter-Currents Publishing group, was arrested in Norway. Johnson was scheduled to speak in Oslo at the Scandza Forum, a far-right conference known for its racist and anti-Semitic views. Norway officials arrested Johnson due to his support for Anders Breivik, a right-wing terrorist who killed 77 people in a mass shooting in 2011. The Norweigian authorities are working quickly to move Johnson out of the country.


Three men, including a local politician, and one woman were injured outside of the Cityplaza Mall in Tai Koo, an eastern part of Hong Kong. CNN reported that the politician, Dr. Andrew Chiu, had his ear partially bitten off by the attacker, who remains unidentified and in the hospital alongside victims. The attack came after pro-democracy protests in the mall complex, including the vandalism of a local restaurant. Investigators have not released details about the knife attack. Chiu is another local politician who has faced injury in light of the upcoming district elections.


On Nov. 3, a driver in Istanbul rammed a city bus into a crowd of people waiting at a stop. Reportedly, the 33-year-old driver fled from the scene and attacked anyone in his way with a knife. The man jumped into the sea as he tried to escape the incident. At least 13 people were injured, including one man who attempted to stop the bus driver from fleeing but was brutally stabbed. Police reported that two children and three Iranian citizens were also injured. An investigation into the accident has been launched by police, who wonder if the crime was a reckless accident or had some motivation.


A state in eastern Germany, Saxony, has become a stronghold for the far-right movement. Dresden, the capital of the state, approved a “Nazi emergency” resolution after council members decided that “anti-democratic, anti-pluralist, misanthropic and right-wing-extremist attitudes and actions” had become increasingly frequent in the city. The new resolution may help inhibit the efforts of PEGIDA, German for Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West, which started in Dresden in 2014.