News in Brief October 24, 2014

Mursitpinar, Turkey

After repeatedly refusing to allow Iraqi Kurdish forces to cross the Turkish-Syrian border, Turkey is now permitting the military to cross and combat ISIS in Kobani, Syria, according to The New York Times. Turkey approached the request with hesitation due to the ongoing war between the Kurdish Workers’ Party-affiliated fighters and the Turkish government, yet were finally convinced as a result of international pressure and rising concern regarding the Islamic State.

Pretoria, South Africa:

South African Olympic runner and double amputee Oscar Pistorius has been sentenced to five years in prison after shooting and killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp through a bathroom stall door, according to CBS News. Pistorius’s family has accepted this sentence, as Steenkamp’s family continues to struggle with their loss.  “I really don’t think any of us will heal anytime soon,” said Gina Meyers, a friend of Steenkamp, to CBS. “There will always be questions.”

Brasília, Brazil:

Brazil’s presidential election grew even more heated as the nation enters a runoff election. Leftist incumbent Dilma Rousseff, with 41.6 percent of the votes, and centrist Aecio Neves with 33.6 percent are now competing for the final 21 percent of votes taken by ousted third-place candidate and environmentalist Marina Silva, according to Reuters. Silva supporters are largely expected to move toward Neves in response to Rousseff’s campaign against Silva that led to her elimination from the race.

New Hampshire, USA:

New Hampshire’s annual Keene Pumpkin Festival became a battleground when Keene State College students ignited a riot, according to The Guardian. Police and SWAT teams responded by firing paintball guns loaded with pepper balls and 40mm guns loaded with sponge bullets, as students threw liquor bottles and billiard balls at both each other and law enforcement. The riot continued for over 12 hours, resulting in 30 injuries and 84 arrests.