News in Brief

Key West, Florida

On Sept. 2, endurance swimmer Diana Nyad completed a historic 110-mile swim from Cuba to Florida. Nyad, age 64, became the first swimmer to ever swim the straight without the assistance of a protective cage. Despite vomiting constantly and being harassed by sea creatures, Nyad came through with the 53-hour journey, alive and conscious.


Zurich, Switzerland

In an effort to limit open street prostitution, Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich, has launched a new experiment: organized “sex drive-ins.” Social service department officials believe that the garage-style drive-in boxes will improve security for sex workers. Funded publicly, the $2.6 million facility features washrooms, a laundry room and security personnel to look after the prostitutes.


Damascus, Syria

On Aug. 21, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime allegedly used chemical weapons to suppress rebels, killing nearly 1,500 civilians in the process. Two weeks later, the Obama Administration claims to have proof of chemical use and has lobbied for military action against Syria. President Obama’s call to action does not include deployment of ground troops or an agenda to settle Syria’s ongoing civil war by force.


Tripura, India

Now 18 months old, Roona Begum was diagnosed with a lethal brain disease at birth. The disease, hydrocephalus, caused Begum’s head to grow to a circumference of 94 centimeters, almost three times the size of a normal baby’s head. After five surgeries in the nation’s capital, New Delhi, Begum’s head is down to 58 centimeters, only 10 larger than the average, and her vision has been restored.