News in Brief

Amsterdam, netherlands

For the first time in 120 years, the Netherlands has a king. In a formal ceremony at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, Williem-Alexander was coronated by the former monarch, his mother, Queen Beatrix Armgard. After his appointment, thousands of citizens flooded the streets, bearing “Hallo Williem-Alexander” on their celebratory flags.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

At least 385 people were killed and dozens more are missing after a garment factory collapsed last week.  A crack in the building’s foundation that was previously ignored has been identified as the cause of the fall. Several engineers and owners have been arrested while the survivors mourn and seek justice. British apparel outlet Primark, a benefactor of the former factory, has offered financial compensation and on-scene aid to families of the victims.


Although high in saturated fat and salt content, researchers say pizza is a healthy component of living a longer life. Regular consumption of pizza is proven to reduce the risk of developing various forms of cancer, including a 59 percent drop in the likelihood of contracting oesophageal cancer and a 34 percent decrease in acquiring colon cancer.

East Coast, USA
In the wake of October’s Hurricane Sandy, waterways spanning Washington, D.C. to Connecticut remain polluted with 11 billion gallons of raw sewage — enough to fill 17,000 Olympic-sized pools. The cost of repairs for the sewage and transportation systems in New York and New Jersey exceeds $4.7 billion.