News in Brief


Ontario, Canada
The hagfish, a 500-million-year-old spineless creature with snake-like features, lives at the bottom of the ocean floor. Its unique glands constantly produce a thick slime that serves to protect it; the slime is shed daily. Research scientists have now developed a high-density silk from the slime that will potentially be used in athletic wear and bullet-proof clothing.

Washington, DC, USA
In keeping with his funding for scientific, technology and academic advancements, President Obama has introduced the Brain Initiative. The brain-mapping effort will cost $100 million while creating jobs as well as developing cures for Alzheimer’s, autism, brain damage from strokes and more.

Hong Kong, China
Approximately 450 dock workers at Hong Kong International Terminal port have successfully halted trade operations for six days. HIT is the third-largest port in the world, and the union workers’ strike is costing the company 5 million Hong Kong dollars ($644,000) in daily losses. Workers plan to strike until their demand for a 20-30 percent salary increase is met.

Pyongyang, North Korea
In a series of escalating nuclear threats against the U.S., the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea officially announced that the regime will begin expanding its nuclear armory, with its sights set on Hawaii and the U.S. territory of Guam. In response, the U.S. will equip the islands with mobile missile-defense systems as a preventative measure.