News in Brief


England and Wales, United Kingdom
After two cases of harassment led to murder, the High Courts of England and Wales have created a law declaring stalking a criminal offense. The newly named crime carries a maximum six-month sentence, and if found guilty of “stalking with violence” or the “intent of creating fear,” the sentence is as much as five years in prison.

Washington, DC
Seven members of U.S. Navy Seal Team Six allegedly violated military confidentiality.  The team divulged top secret information and revealed disclosed naval equipment to the makers of a new video game, “Medal of Honour: Warfighter.” The Seals, one of whom served on the team which killed Bin Laden, have received misconduct punishments including suspension of pay and a formal letter of reprimand. Judicial repercussions are pending.

South Africa
It is illegal to obtain and sell rhinoceros horns, as their collection first requires hunters to kill the endangered animal. However, the $50,000-per-kilogram value of a single horn has sparked a rapid increase in rhino killings. In 2007, only 13 rhino were poached. So far, in 2012, 585 rhino have already been found dead.

ItalyThe landscape of Leonardo da Vinci’s famed masterpiece, “Mona Lisa,” has finally been decrypted and the location of the painting identified. Italian art historians have discovered a bridge faintly depicted behind the “Mona Lisa.” The three-arched bridge represents one that stood in the town of Bobbio in Northern Italy. Beneath the bridge da Vinci painted the numbers “7” and “2,” believed to signify the year 1472 when that same bridge collapsed into the Trebbia River.