News in Brief

Ireland recently purchased the Vermont Hard Cider Company, producer of the largest cider brand in the U.S. The acquisition cost the Irish €235 million (or $304,865,500) and immediately increased the worth of the Cider Company’s shares post-sale.

Moscow, Russia
National anti-terrorism security services announced 49 rebels have been killed and dozens more captured in counterterrorism efforts. The initiatives are sparked by a desire to quell the insurgency in the North Caucasus region of Russia.

Tripoli, Libya

Lebanese forces have entered Tripoli to help stabilize the region. Their aid is conditional upon the cease-fire recently implemented by the Sunni and Alawite soldiers. Prior to the cease-fire, the two opposing sides battled violently for three days.


The Iranian government threatens to terminate all oil exports with the U.S. and Europe should the countries continue to impose strict sanctions on Iran’s nuclear warfare efforts and economic development. The U.S. and Europe maintain that ending restrictions is contingent upon Iran terminating its nuclear program.