Sit Down and Get Uncomfortable: Episode 1 Allyship

Sit Down and Get Uncomfortable is a weekly show about discussing uncomfortable topics.

To The White Woman I Can No Longer Be Friends With…

“Being friends with white people always involves a fair amount of overlooking ignorance and assuming good intentions. We can’t swear you off altogether because you control too much.” In this article Tenaja Jordan tackles the pain that comes from being friends with white people who are silent and who like to pretend that their lack of action and voice goes unnoticed. White silence is violence.


Please Stop Calling Black Activism ‘Divisive’…

“History is repeating itself. The country has returned to a time where outspoken black people are targeted for speaking truth and building power. The potential for silencing (if not outright demonizing) black activists and organizers becomes greater each day these narratives go unchallenged.” In this article Anoa Changa sheds light on the narrative that black activism is dangerous. Ultimately Changa highlights the violence that is experienced by black activists and that this narrative needs to be terminated and we must listen to our activists of color in order to move forward in a productive radical way.


The Movement for Black Lives Matter- Reparations

What are reparations and what do they look like in direct action? This link is a list of ways that reparations can be made in policy and legislation for the betterment of black people in the United States on federal, state, and local levels.