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Stephen King, chapter two: A controversial resurgence

Emma Smith, Staff Writer

November 7, 2019

The King of Horror, Stephen King, has been reappearing in the media lately. He has recently released the movie sequel of “The Shining,” and fans are squirming with the heebie-jeebies. Other recent releases of King in the last few years include “Gerald’s Game,” “1922,” “In the Tall Gra...

“The Nun” offers more of the same story

“The Nun” offers more of the same story

Jake Ramsaur, Staff Writer

September 14, 2018

I’m not an avid fan of the horror genre. It is not that horror movies scare me, rather, I find horror movies humorous more often than not. With a Rotten Tomato rating of 29%, I was not expecting blood-curdling terror from “The Nun,” but rather rib-tickling humor. After watching the movie, I...

“A Quiet Place” transforms horror genre

“A Quiet Place” transforms horror genre

Nathan Rabiej, Staff Writer

April 20, 2018

“A Quiet Place” hit theatres on April 6, ending the long wait of many horror fans, such as myself, for a good flick. For a lot of us, the last good scare we had was the reimagining of Stephen King’s “It.” What makes “A Quiet Place” especially endearing is that John Krasinski, who many of...