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Youth make strides for climate justice

Youth make strides for climate justice

Ramya Krishna, Web Editor October 12, 2019

From Sept. 20 to Sept. 27, students around the world walked out of schools in the middle of the day to protest the lack of governmental action on issues of climate change. This event was known as the Global...

Biggest stories in December, January

Biggest stories in December, January

Ian Penny, World & Nation Editor December 2, 2016

For most of December and January, The Guilfordian will take its annual winter hiatus. However, there are plenty of important stories in the United States and around the world that students should keep...

People protest against Dakota Access Pipeline

Nicole Zelniker, Editor-In-Chief December 2, 2016

On Nov. 11, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers spokeswoman Amy Gaskill announced that a decision on whether or not the Dakota Access Pipeline, an oil pipeline that would run though native land, would be built...

Citizens in protests in Greensboro against pipelines in the Dakotas

Nicole Zelniker, Editor-in-Chief September 22, 2016

Pepper spray. Dogs. Censorship. These are just some of the methods used to stop members of the Sioux tribe and their allies from protesting the pipeline that will run through their land, destroy their...

Pipeline could hurt Sioux, 10 million others

Pipeline could hurt Sioux, 10 million others

Morgan Dollack, Staff Writer September 8, 2016

Starting with just a few dozen, thousands of people have now been collectively gathering to halt the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in protests that have been violently opposed by private security. After...

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