The Yule Ball: a riddikulus success

“This event was a perfect example of what happens when clubs and organizations collaborate and reach out to include broad sections of campus,” said Director of Student Leadership and Engagement Steve Moran.

Members of the Guilford College Quidditch team had a wildly successful and well-attended charity Yule Ball on Feb. 20.

The ball was widely known from the Harry Potter books, and students were extremely invested. Word of the event spread across campus and flowed into the Greensboro community as flyers were hung around the city.

“It helped draw out more local community members and other Quidditch/Harry Potter fans at area colleges,” said Moran.

But there was worry that the event would not have a good turnout.

“I’ve experienced Guilford students talking about events before, and there has been an incredibly low turn out for most of those things,” said junior Zach Wolfe. “I was so worried that this would be a similar situation.”

The event supported the Lumos Foundation, which is linked to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. The foundation benefits children around the world in orphanages. These children experience extreme poverty, and the money raised from the Yule Ball went directly to impacting the lives of these children.

Due to the intense buildup from the community, the organizers of the event were relieved, as they felt the support for their event and the charity.

“All of this wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t done this. We started this club, and we had just impacted the community,” said Wolfe. “We raised so much money for a charity, and we couldn’t have done it without (the organizers).

“I was so blown away at how hard everyone worked.”

The young age of the team along with an expected lack of attendance made the Yule Ball’s over 200 attendees even more surprising.

“To me, it feels really good to have something to put my name to that I helped establish that’s now a part of this school,” said junior Jared Willis.

The pride for the event was shared among team members.

“I’m really proud of the people that were there,” said Wolfe.

It turns out the event was even more successful than anticipated.

“After the event, Steve (Moran) told us that this was the second largest event of the year behind Serendipity,” said junior Ward Samberg.

Membership on the Quidditch team appeals to students for many reasons.

“There are people that grew up with the books, and they had a big influence on their childhood, but it is becoming a national and worldwide sport,” said Willis. “To me, it feels really good to have something to put my name to that I helped establish that’s now a part of this school,”

Students danced the night away under the Harry Potter themed decorations, and this event opens doors for others like it in the future.

In the future, the Quidditch team looks forward to planning more events, having more students attend their scrimmages and continuing to support the Lumos foundation.