When should you celebrate each holiday? A student’s perspective


avlxyz via Flickr

Halloween and Christmas decorations side by side in a store

The holidays are coming at last this year, but every year they seem to be starting earlier and earlier. Just the other day I went to the craft stores Hobby Lobby and Michaels,  and they had all the Halloween decorations set up for people to buy for October next month. What blew my mind, though, was that in the next aisles there were already Christmas decorations and even Christmas displays set up in some areas of the store.   

There are some people who are totally fine with this,  because a lot of people love Christmas and are excited about seeing Christmas decorations, but I think it ruins the vibes of the fall season. I’m all about celebrating the holidays, but it’s September, and that is three months too early to begin celebrating Christmas now. It’s Halloween season right now, and all I want to see are spooky decorations. I think there should be appropriate times to celebrate each holiday during the year, and I  want to give my two cents about when each holiday should start.

The Holiday season starts off with Halloween, and even though I would love for it to be Halloween all year, I know that it has to be here for a limited time or we will all get bored of it. Personally, I would start the spooky season at the beginning of September and end it right as October ends. 

I feel that most people would be happy with this adjustment, because I always hear that people are sad that the fall season is too short if it’s only limited to October and that their decorations are up for a short time. I think if we start the spooky season in September, everyone can have their Halloween decorations up for a long time, and then we can ease in the Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. 

I think Christmas decorations should be set up during November. After the scary season is over, we can get to celebrating the family holidays with Christmas decorations. This way the Christmas decorations don’t ruin the haunted vibes of Halloween by being placed in the aisles next to the Halloween decorations. 

This will also allow more room in stores for more Halloween or Christmas decorations to be set up, and stores will probably make more money with a larger variety in decorations. During each season, holiday decorations sell out quickly, so more room means more decorations and more time for people to get decorations they want.

For me, this is the best holiday calendar because it leaves everyone satisfied, and people will not have to fight for more time for their favorite celebration. It’s a silly thing to fight over, really, but some people do feel passionate about their favorite holiday, and that’s fine as long as it doesn’t go too far. 

Hopefully, everyone will have a great holiday season and will be happy with this year’s celebrations, especially as normalcy returns after two years of isolation.