The 2021 Golden Globes on Zoom

Watching the Golden Globes from my living room this year was different from other years. As I was transported from screen to screen, I felt like I was on Zoom with all of the nominees. Yes, it was a lot better than sitting in a two-hour Zoom class. The evening began with two screens of Tina Fey in one location and Amy Poehler on the other side of the split screen. It did seem like they both were in the same location with the close editing of the screens and camera angles. This is what the world is coming to. We are all connected through the screens.

Poehler then compared the Golden Globes to the Hunger Games; both have a chosen winner, but the Golden Globes is much less violent. Fey and Poehler took the time to explain the difference between the movies and TV shows. They joked that a movie is two hours, but that watching increments of a 35 to 45-minute show for five hours straight is much less time-consuming. Both television shows and movies are eligible for Golden Globes.

After the introduction, there were clips of the nominees on Zoom. James Corden appeared on the screen first; he was nominated for Best Actor for his movie “The Prom.” Since high school juniors and seniors could not attend prom in 2020 due to the pandemic, this film provided an opportunity for them to enjoy their prom through the screen.

Also nominated for Best Picture- Musical/Comedy was “Palm Springs,” which was about the same day repeating itself over and over. I highly recommend it. Other nominees included “Hamilton,” a popular stage musical that was brought to the screen as a top watch in 2020, and Sia’s movie “Music,” which was released in February of this year. I personally enjoy comedies the most in film categories.

As brought up before, a two-hour award show seems like a lot to sit and watch, but I know the true fans of the Golden Globes stuck with it. I was interested in continuing to watch because it seemed more personal seeing all of the nominees in their homes, some with their spouses and children.

The pandemic was used as one of the sources of comedy in the show. The nominees were seen in a skit with doctors, in which they discussed the side effects of the COVID vaccine, but then put a comedic spin on things to talk about the side effects of watching the films that were nominated. This all was to thank the health workers during this pandemic. I thought it was nice to acknowledge all of the hard work that first responders have done to help our country during this time.

Technical difficulties also brought some laughs. One winner’s audio was not working when they accepted their award, and they had to repeat themselves. We all can relate to this. At least half the time I try to talk in class I realize that I was on mute that entire time.

Being able to watch something entertaining was much-needed during this pandemic. With all the sadness in the world right now, the Golden Globes brought me the joy of extreme laughter. I was comforted to see that everyone is also dealing with not being able to attend and having to stay home as well. I watched the Golden Globe Award with my two roommates and we all enjoyed it.