More than just a page in the textbooks: Trump will leave his mark


It’s no secret that our current president of the United States, Donald Trump, has made a real spectacle of himself. Some believe that Trump has some good intentions for what he’s doing and continue to support him, while others felt angered and disturbed with his unnerving words. But lately, word has gone around saying that our current president might get impeached due to a recent leak which stated that Trump had bribed the president of Ukraine to help him look into Joe Biden, who could be his opponent for the 2020 presidential election.

Some say that this possible impeachment will just be a page for future textbooks, while others think it may be something more.

I personally believe that this to be determined impeachment of Trump is going to be more than just a page in a textbook. It’s going to mark history in ways that no one could have foreseen. For one, everyone is going to remember everything Trump has ever said and done before he became president, when he was president and after he was president.

We all know some of the crazy things he said in passing way back before he was elected, some more crazy than others. This includes a certain video of him saying some derogatory terms about women while he was on a mobile bus that was pulling into a studio. This lead to a bunch of controversy between his supporters and those who were against him.

On one hand, Trump’s supporters thought that he had good intentions for everything that he was saying and doing. But on the other hand, those who were against him thought he was irrational and offensive. Not only that, but they thought that his slogan, “Make America Great Again,” was just plain nonsense, and certainly absent of good intentions. We all know that America’s never been perfect.

However, just because Trump might get impeached doesn’t mean that he’ll give up that easily. As we’ve seen from him, he’s a real fighter who won’t stop at anything to get what he wants. What I’m trying to say here is that if the day finally comes when Trump gets impeached, he will not take it very lightly. He would just go on and blame it on fake news, or some other scape-goat, no matter how much his staff or anyone else try to convince him otherwise.

This wouldn’t be the first time Trump put up a fight when he didn’t get his way. For one, there was word going around that he had a little “assistance,” shall we say, in the 2016 election when things weren’t looking up for him. So, trying to take him out of office won’t be an easy thing to do. 

 All in all, Trump getting the boot from the White House has not been confirmed yet. Not only does such a process takes a while to do, but others will find a way to cover up what he did and act as though nothing has happened. But whatever happens next, I say that we just wait, and prepare ourselves for what else the media may have to share.


Editor’s note: This story originally was published in Volume 106, Issue 2 of The Guilfordian on Oct. 11 2019.