Advice column set to start Fall 2019

Welcome to “Ask Mei!”, The Guilfordian’s new advice column, at [email protected]!

I know the school year is coming to a close and you may not have an opportunity to write in before it’s done. But we’ll officially launch this advice column in the fall and hope to continue it for years to come. In fact, my plan is to pass it on to another Guilford student when I graduate.

I decided to start this column because I am always striving to help others as much as I can. The way I see it, being able to make a positive impact is the best thing I can give someone. And this space is intended to be a safe, judgment-free environment where all are welcome: students, staff and anyone else.

Anyone who writes in for advice will not be named in The Guilfordian and all questions are welcome. They can be school-related, personal, about family issues, your love life, or any other subject on which you could use advice (within reason, of course!).  You can take the first step by adding [email protected] to your contacts.

Good luck to everyone during finals week, congratulations to those who are graduating, and remember to “Ask Mei!” in the fall.