Mt. Joy debuts first album


In March of this year, indie rock band Mt. Joy released its very first full album, titled Mt. Joy. The five-piece band out of Los Angeles, couldn’t have hoped for a better debut. This album pushed straight into the front of the indie rock music scene.

Every song on their debut album has a different feel to it. Some are more mellow like “St. George” and some are more energetic like “Mt. Joy.” Though a few of their songs are quite melancholy, others are very cheerful, motivational and upbeat. Each song features a different sound profile and different instrumental overtones. For instance, the song “Sheep” uses the band’s full musical capabilities, creating a powerful and diverse sound.

Mt. Joy sets themselves apart through the emotional feel that each songs instills in the listener. The vocal changes, guitar riffs and baselines all meld with your emotions while listening. As a person who tends to connect certain moments and memories to songs, this aspect of their music really hits home with me. Some songs remind me of memories that I have of certain people or loved ones, and others make me forget about everything that’s going in the world.  It makes me feel as if absolutely nothing is relevant and that I will be stuck in that moment forever, and that is what keeps me coming back and listening.

The band also has a significance presence in concert.

In September, I attended a Mt. Joy concert at the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, North Carolina. I wasn’t sure what to expect because at the time, I hadn’t yet heard much of their music.

Arriving at the venue, I was extremely surprised to see how many people were there. Even though the Cat’s Cradle is a relatively small venue, I was still impressed that by the time I showed up a full half-hour before the show actually started, the room was nearly packed full.

They opened the show with their 2016 hit single “Astrovan” and the crowd went crazy. It seemed like everyone in that room was singing and dancing to the music. The band played about five more songs from their full album, and about an hour after taking the stage, they left.

It was definitely a performance to remember, and they have since become one of my favorite bands. The bluesy undertones and soulful singing of acoustic guitarist and vocalist Matt Quinn appeal to many different genres of music and many different types of people. As a musician, I have been able to achieve a greater understanding of how to create more meaningful music as a result of listening to this indie band.

Each time I listen to the album on my way to class or in my car, I hear something different, feel something different, and some aspect of the song that was previously hidden in the background is able shine in the spotlight for that one moment before the next song plays. This is one of many things that makes Mt. Joy one of my favorite bands, and keeps their music from never becoming boring.

After listening to Mt. Joy now for a few months, I can confidently say that they are a band that you should check out, especially if you are interested in indie rock. Their album can be found on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes and Soundcloud.

If Mt. Joy continues to rise in popularity and talent, their powerful, soulful vibes will reverberate throughout the musical world and carry them to playing huge festivals and giant concerts in the future. Their powerful message will carry on through time and influence musicians and creators for generations.