Kevin Hart shines in ‘Night School’


Despite all the drama, stress and hard work that we go through, high school is still a very memorable time for us. However,  high schoolers must contend with stressful college admissions tests, such as the SAT’s or ACT’s. “Night School” is a movie that demonstrates the tears and joy of bringing back old memories of when we were in high school, along with the dreadful reminders of all the stress that we are put through when studying.

“Night School” is an American comedy starring Kevin Hart as a high school dropout named Teddy Walker. Walked dropped out after he was unable to concentrate during a very crucial exam.

Years later, he works as a salesman for a barbecue grill company and is about to marry a woman named Lisa (Megalyn Echikunwoke). However, things go off track when the shop he is working at acicidently explodes and he has to change his plans. Now jobless, Teddy learns from his best friend, Marvin (Ben Scwartz) that he could get a job at his financial investment firm, but he has to have a GED.

Deciding to take advantage of this opportunity, Walker goes back to his old high school and takes night classes in order to help him get that degree. His plan is too charm the principal into giving him the relevant qualification, but that all changes when he realizes that the principal is actually someone Walker bullied while in school.

“Night School” is a movie that encapsulates our good and bad times in highschool, from troubles with fellow students to a principal who makes having fun a crime.

My favorite part of this movie was absolutely Hart’s performance. I’ve seen a couple of his movies in the past, and they always have me dying with laughter throughout the film. He played his role spectacularly in this film as both a young man who had everything in high school except for good concentration, and also as an older man trying to put his life back together.

His experiences throughout the film are also really relatable. We all have had too many distractions which stopped us from doing well in high school, but for the most part we managed to pull through in the end.

This film also describes the typical high school troublemakers very well, while also showing us that there’s more to them than acting out. “Night School” tries to show that everyone has a story on why they do what they do and that there are some bad apples from high school who want to succeed just as much as we do.

While the plot is relatively basic, I would highly suggest watching “Night School” because it has both humor and heart executed in a very enjoyable way.