Pho Hien Vuong provides all-around excellent experience

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon. The sun was out, and the temperature was a comfortable 84 degrees. The only issue is that I was a little under the weather. I went out to lunch at Pho Hien Vuong with one of my classmates hoping to alleviate my uncomfortable throat with warm pho broth.

The first thing you notice when entering the restaurant is the rich aroma of spices used in the dishes. The restaurant was not too busy, so we got seated immediately at a clean table. While seated, I observed the understated, but elegant decor. The decor and paintings on the walls perfectly compliment the atmosphere of the restaurant.

I ordered Thai iced tea and my classmate ordered a salted lemonade. Within two minutes, our drinks were brought over. The Thai iced tea had a beautiful separation between the cream and the tea, and you can witness some mesmerizing swirls when mixing the two parts together. The tea’s flavor was refreshing and sweet.

The quick and courteous service was a nice addition to the atmosphere. Since I was not feeling the best, I decided to go for a special beef pho and a fresh spring roll.

The appetizers were brought out swiftly after ordering, and within another ten minutes, the pho, a broth-based, Vietnamese soup, was brought out with a tray containing a variety of herbs and bean sprouts. A thick peanut sauce came with the spring roll. The sweet and savory sauce paired perfectly with the light and fresh spring roll. As the pho got to our table, I stared at the steaming broth with anticipation.

I added cilantro, bean sprouts, Thai basil and lemon to the pho. While taking the first sip of broth, I immediately tasted the aromatic spices, fresh cilantro, basil and lemon. The spices and herbs worked in tandem to create a melody in my mouth.

The beef was beautifully rare, and the meatballs floated atop the broth. As the main body of the soup, the noodles did not disappoint and were perfectly cooked, soaking up the flavor of the broth. In each bite, I could feel the warm broth soothing my throat. Bite by bite, I quickly finished the large bowl of pho in no time.

Feeling satisfied and my throat less scratchy, I asked for the check and the waitress, as usual, completed the task quickly.

My experience at Pho Hien Vuong was amazing and I would rate it 10 out of 10. The service was as exceptional as the delicious food. For under $20, you can get a filling meal and a great experience.