Letter to the editor: Guilford Edge

Guilford College is embarked on a risky experiment – a top-down, imposed curricular redesign – that violates the college handbook as well as the principles of shared governance and commonsense leadership.

Across higher education, including here, faculty have authority over the curriculum. Yet, our faculty neither approved nor recommended switching to the 12/3 semester structure.  When polled by the Clerk’s Committee, most departments raised objections. In a later Faculty Meeting, faculty voiced numerous concerns over how this proposed structure would affect our students. Neither then nor subsequently did President Fernandes offer any response.  A month later, she decided the college would implement the new schedule, citing her authority over “calendar decisions”.

The faculty concerns remain unanswered by the Administration. They’ve offered no argument for how this change will better meet our students’ needs.

Various faculty have been tasked to implement this massive change in the least disruptive and most effective manner. They’ve worked prodigiously and astutely. Yet, their work cannot correct an essential flaw – this imposed curricular structure lacks the support of a plurality, if not majority, of faculty.

We believe we’re capable of doing better. Our students, present and future, deserve our best, not some flawed experiment.

We stand in opposition.

Bob Williams

Garland Granger

Ben Marlin

Richie Zweigenhaft

And 6 other faculty who offer anonymous support.