Staff Editorial: Guilfordian commitment

Staff Editorial: Guilfordian commitment

As Guilford has entered the 2018-2019 academic year, we are excited to bring our audience the 105th volume of our student newspaper, the Guilfordian. The first thing we would like to establish is that the Guilfordian is an open community and we wish to serve as the voice of our campus. We welcome anyone who would like to join our team of committed reporters, content creators, graphic designers, photographers and editors who specialize in sharing the stories of our campus community.

The Guilfordian is committed to excellence through practicing transparency and accountability. When there are stories that needs to be told, we plan to share them in a timely fashion.

Guilford College appears to be in a large-scale transitionary period. With recent renovations across campus, including the re-opening of Binford Hall, the additions to Ragan-Brown Field House, the removal of speedbumps, creation of sidewalks and other adjustments to campus, Guilford is already physically and aesthetically different with more changes to come. With all that is new within the college, there will be a multitude of news and events requiring coverage that the Guilfordian is committed to delivering to you.

Expect the Guilfordian to become a prominent name on campus as this year progresses. Our staff has grown substantially since last volume and we have introduced a new adviser, Tracie Fellers, who has already demonstrated her commitment to the culture of our publication. We plan to excel in our practices as an organization to create a comfortable, open environrment for all looking to get involved in something new. We are excited to bring weekly news from Guilford College and share the diversity of stories with you. Welcome to Volume 105!


Reflecting Guilford College’s core Quaker values, the topics and content of Staff Editorials are chosen through consensus of all 13 editors and one faculty adviser of The Guilfordian’s Editorial Board.