“Paul” brings questions of faith, witnesses


We have a world where views clash, morals are compromised and people wind up being neglected or forgotten. We see the mercies of what unforgiving and troubled times can be like for those who are experiencing it. There is a new upcoming movie that tells the story of two men and what they had to witness during their time.

Written and directed by Andrew Hyatt, “Paul: Apostle of Christ” is a new Christian faith-based film that takes place long after the crucifixion and the resurrection Jesus. James Faulkner stars as Paul, who awaits his death sentence by Emperor Nero. Paul is visited by a friend and physician, Luke, played by Jim Caviezel. Luke knowingly risks his own life to visit Paul, as he could be arrested in the city of Rome for sharing Paul’s Christian faith.

The two men struggle in their own battles against oppression and persecution, while trying to maintain their faith. Their beliefs are constantly being tested before their very eyes. The film serves as a kind of witness to these biblical times. We see what Luke and Paul had to see and get a sense of what they had to endure. In a way, this is not just a story about one of the most devout saints or Christianity in general.

We see Paul and Luke’s accounts unfold as they try to develop a solution to their predicament. The first solution is not always the one we’d consider in modern times. One of the only ways these two men were able come to terms with what was going on was recognizing that they were part of something much more.

Before Paul is condemned to death, Luke chronicles another book entitled, “The Way.” This book is a written work detailing what eventually would be the official birth of the church. At the same time, Paul reflects on his life, recognizing the sins of his past. Facing his anticipated death, he prays to have the strength to finish well.

From the same studio that brought you “Risen” and “War Room,” “Paul: Apostle of Christ” makes its movie debut on Friday, March 23. Whether you are Christian or not, I feel that the perspective this film has to offer is maybe just the kind of film people would like to see. It is a story about two men and how they struggle to hold on to their faith in an unforgiving world. Don’t just take my word on the subject. Witness it for yourself.