Staff Editorial: Discussing gun control is paramount to stopping future violence

Staff Editorial: Discussing gun control is paramount to stopping future violence

We, the Guilfordian Editorial board, are deeply saddened by the recent shooting in Las Vegas. The number of deaths strike a deep chord in our nation, and we mourn the loss of innocent life. We have grown up in an era in America where mass shootings are frequent. However, these tragedies shouldn’t be normalized.

While we can take time to mourn, we also need to recognize that mass shootings are a pattern in our nation. Though they come as a shock, we see them repeat again and again. It’s clear that the prevalence of guns and lack of strict regulations are underlying reasons for this epidemic. We need to find a productive way to discuss gun control and pass legislation that can prevent such violence in the future.

We believe that the types of guns, who is able to buy and use guns and permitted locations for gun carry or use should be restricted. Current gun laws simply provide too many opportunities for violence and need to be amended. Nationally, we need to speak out against the lawmakers and laws that allow this to happen. We encourage you to call or write your state or national representatives and urge them to speak out against gun violence.

In order to prevent gun violence, certain restrictions need to be put in place for gun owners. For example, gun owners should have to pass a thorough background check before purchasing a gun. This background check should apply to immediate family members as well, since they might have access to the firearm. Weapons such as semi-automatic guns should not be legal as they are frequently used in mass shootings. In addition, firearms should not be allowed in certain areas such as churches and public and private schools.

On our campus, we have a strict no-firearm policy. While this does not necessarily prevent anyone from carrying guns, it does minimize the opportunities for violence. Since Guilford is on an open campus, there is always fear of gun-related violence. We need to speak out and act now in order to protect ourselves and our fellow Americans.


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