Letter to the Editor

As the previous ICC chair for Guilford’s Community Senate, I worked hand in hand with all 50 clubs that Guilford has to offer to the community. I took attendance at every Senate meeting and at every ICC meeting. I set high standards for the clubs to meet because I wanted to see the community grow and work together to provide an amazing higher education experience for Guilford’s students. Every club was expected to meet these standards, but I also understood that life happens, and people who run the clubs on our campus are pretty busy. With that being said, I tried being lenient with all the clubs as long as there was open communication with me.

CAB was one of the very few clubs that met every standard that I set as the ICC chair. They submitted every activity form and attended as many meetings as they could. If there was a meeting they couldn’t attend, they communicated that to me a week in advance (something that many clubs did, not just CAB), and I worked with them to get them the information that they missed. I want it to be known that there was one instance that CAB was not able to meet the set standards. Like every club, their budget was frozen, and they had to complete the steps to get that budget back. I never once gave CAB any kind of special treatment because they worked in the same office as the Senate. I made it clear to all the clubs that, if they openly communicated with me, I would work with them because I really didn’t want to have to freeze any clubs budgets. I wanted to see every club be successful.

In regards to their budget, they have such a high budget because of the large scale events that they put on for the community like Serendipity, Homecoming, finals week and Midnight Madness. This is why the Guilfordian, WQFS and the Greenleaf Review also have large budgets because of what they produce. There are several clubs that have a budget larger than $9,000. If CAB was to have a smaller budget, we may not be able to have events like Serendipity or Homecoming. I would also like to state that CAB had asked for a lot more than the money that they were allocated, but the Senate didn’t find it to be fair to give them more than what we did. An option that is available to all clubs and students, including CAB, is to be able to go to the SBC and request more money if needed.


Elisabeth Marshall 19’