Vote for student senate carefully, considering options before Monday

Vote for student senate carefully, considering options before Monday

On Monday, April 10, candidates for next year’s Student Community Senate spoke on their goals and plans to improve Guilford’s campus while acting as the voice of the College’s students. Those elected will act as the median between the administration and you, the student body. The Student Community Senate assists with club and event funding as well.

With that said, your votes for the Senate seats will represent your own voice, so choose wisely.

Senate is broken down into four parts: the executive council, the steering committee, the inter-club council and the student budget committee. It is important to keep in mind the responsibilities of each branch and what they will speak on behalf of.

Consider the candidates carefully instead of blindly picking a name on the ballot or just picking the names that you recognize. Instead, take a few minutes to think. Think about what new things you want to see on campus and then choose the candidates who you honestly feel would represent that best.

Voting begins next Monday, April 17. Juniors Christian Dueñas, Caleb Anderson and sophomore Hector Rivera Suarez will be running for president. First-year Hannah Rouse and junior Elisabeth Marshall are the candidates for vice president. First-years Phillip Williams Jr., Jemima Adisa and Ramya Krishna Mulugu are the candidates for secretary. Junior Jessica Canar is the candidate for inter-club council chair. Junior Alex Husain and sophomore Celene Warren are running for treasurer.