Staff Editorial: Guilfordian needs to adhere to rules


Students who were a part of the protest on Wednesday, March 1, have kept their voices active on social media and through other demonstrations since then. President Jane Fernandes has sent emails, stating that she would meet with different groups to find the best solution for all and that she has asked the Greensboro Police Department to help Public Safety patrol campus. Reactions have been mixed.

The Guilfordian would like to clarify the use of the word “alleged” in our coverage of these events. From the moment that we heard about a student being sexually assaulted, we took a stand to go out and cover the story as soon as possible, since students were quick at responding. However, it is not in our power to decide who is legally guilty or not.

When we use the word “alleged,” it in no way implies that we do not believe the survivor. We use the word for legal reasons.

In the past, there have been incidents where journalists have made the decision to blame or accuse individuals that were later found innocent. The legal implications for these publications have been serious. They have also resulted in a lack of confidence in the reporting from these sources.

The Guilfordian desires to keep the survivors from being exposed if that is not what they choose. It is also not in our power to express our personal opinions while covering an event, since, as journalists, we must remain impartial in our coverage. We are a social justice newspaper. We are not an advocacy paper.

Our editorial board wishes for all parties in this situation to come to an agreement and that the best is done for the survivor. We will keep reporting in a fair and unbiased way as we have done, to the best of our abilities, from the beginning.

If you have any concerns, please reach out to us via email at [email protected].