Staff Editorial: Great master of journalism leaves students with lots of life and grammar lessons

Jeff Jeske is a Charles A. Dana Professor of English. He is a man of journalism, fun facts and grammar rules. After 30 years in the position, he is now the former adviser for The Guilfordian. We want to dedicate this staff editorial to Jeff and his legacy.

He gave many of us confidence in our writing ability, and his journalism class was a delight. He is a mysterious man with many stories. Jeff is the most intentional speaker many of us have ever met. He always puts thought into his words, even if he only says one.

Jeff knows more obscure facts than any other person we know. He is the only person who we have ever seen try to educate a whole class on how to correctly pronounce Cthulhu.

He taught us not only to be great writers and incredible journalists, but also to not give up in finding the right answer and most importantly, the truth.

One of the reasons many of us continued on with the paper is Jeff’s encouragement. He was incredibly supportive and we have seen him encourage countless students to reach their full potential, whether they want to continue with journalism or not.

Jeff is incredibly inclusive with all members of The Guilfordian team. He is always willing to give feedback on how to improve both as a Guilfordian staff member and student.

He builds a personal relationship with each of his students. He passes his passion for journalism and English to everyone he teaches. Jeff is a paradigm of what it means to be a Guilfordian. He made many of us, whether English majors or not, excited about journalism.

Starting this semester, Cheryl Hatch is the new journalism teacher and adviser for the newspaper. While it is difficult to fill the shoes of a colossus, we are excited to see what new ideas Cheryl can bring and what life lessons she may teach.

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