Letter to the Editor: Students express desire for preventative safety measures

Last year, Community Senate held three Senate meetings, four campus focus groups and three meetings with administration about campus safety and the possibility of security cameras. The last Senate meeting resulted in a unanimous overturn for cameras, at which point we opened up conversation in the community about alternative safety measures in which Senate could invest with their rollover fund.

Through online surveys, Senate meetings and campus interviews, we gathered data on student-supported approaches to safety. These results indicated that students wanted preventative, non-surveilling safety measures. Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Todd Clark emailed me about the Peace of Mind Company’s device, and we held three focus groups on campus and two Senate meetings and publicized via six different marketing methods. Needless to say, opportunities to learn about the device and give input were extensively offered.

As detailed above, we deeply invested in campus data collection for student input on the device prior to deciding to invest. To put it in perspective, students pay $60 per year to do laundry on campus. Senate’s investment allows each student universal, streamlined access to the nearest safety professional for a third of that price.

For any further questions about this innovative device or the 2015-16 Senate’s extensive investment in the student voice, email me at [email protected].

Molly-Anne Marcotte