GSBA Scholarship

The Guilford Student Body Association has a new opportunity for students. The organization is seeking 10 campus leaders who will each be awarded the Core Values Scholarship worth $3,500. The award will apply to the 2019-2020 academic year.

A link to apply for the scholarship can be found in The Guilford Buzz, an email account designated for daily announcements and events for students, which takes users to a Google Forms page. Applicants are asked to submit their resume along with a list of extracurricular activities. They are are also required to send in a personal essay of 500 words or less that describes “how you have helped create an environment on campus that fosters student development in the spirit of our school’s Core Values.”

The essay, resume and extracurricular activity list are all to remain nameless, according to the application. Applicants must turn in two letters of recommendation. These can be submitted with the application or sent via email to Director of Student Leadership and Engagement Tim Johnson at [email protected].

The College has announced other scholarship opportunities, some of which have deadlines approaching fast. The Davis-Putter Fund has a $10,000 scholarship opportunity available for open to undergraduate, undocumented students who are active in social justice movements. The Fund will consider the level of contribution to social justice, academic performance and financial need of the applicants. There is still time to apply, but the deadline is Tuesday, April 1.

The Office of Financial Aid has also incorporated a method designed to facilitate the overall scholarship search process for Guilford students. CampusLogic, an online student financial services platform for higher education institutions, created the service ScholarshipUniverse, which Guilford College has created a subpage for.

Through this service, students are able to answer questions that match them with scholarship opportunities that they are eligible for, apply online to multiple scholarship opportunities through a personalized portal, track application statuses, get notifications whenever new scholarships are matched to their profile and receive automated reminders about outstanding tasks and next steps.

Guilford’s ScholarshipUniverse can be accessed at, and sign-in is required using Guilford College identification.