WGSS holds meeting about Guilford Edge

With the Guilford Edge set to go into effect in the fall semester of 2019, each academic department is seeking to help students understand and prepare for the changes to come with the new curriculum. Many departments either have already held or and are currently in the process of setting up student meetings to discuss what the Edge specifically means for the respective department.

On Wednesday, Oct. 31 the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies department held one of these meetings in the Experimental Classroom of Hege Library. The purpose of the meet-and-greet style information session was to help ease the transition process for students into the changes to come with the Edge.

The informal meeting provided students interested in learning more about the department and its upcoming changes with the new Edge curriculum with an opportunity to meet department faculty members and ask questions. Faculty members attending the meeting included Assistant Professor of History Sarah Thuesen, Professor of Philosophy Nany Daukas, Professor of Philosophy Lisa McLeod, Assistant Professor of Psychology Rachel Riskind and Engaged Teaching Specialist and Program Coordinator Sonalini Sapra.

Because learning collaboratively, teaming for success, rallying campus spirit and incorporating ethical leadership are the four pillars of the Edge, many departmental changes will be made to fit those goals.

The new WGSS program with the Edge observes a decrease in required credits from 32 to 30, and a variety of new courses available to students. However, if a student has declared their WGSS major before Fall 2018, they can still complete the “old” major as a second major. Up to eight credits can also be earned through independent study, thesis and/or internship with the new program. This aligns with the Edge’s goal of giving students practical experience.

With the updated program, many of the students already enrolled are curious about what it means for them.

“For WGSS, the way that the change will affect the students that are already enrolled is that it will create more opportunities that weren’t there earlier, but it won’t take away anything they’re expecting to do,” Daukas said.

Although the new program still includes the four core courses, WGSS 110, 375, 399 and 401, many new approved electives have been added. One potential elective is a course co-taught by Riskind and Associate Professor of Philosophy Vance Ricks on parenthood.

“This is a new 12-week course on parenthood,” Riskind said. “We’re going to be something very Edge-y. It’s going to be collaborative, team-taught and cross-departmental.”

The WGSS department expressed excitement for the new parenthood course as the class work is expected to fit into the Edge’s new model, being made for a 12-3 schedule while emphasizing collaborative learning, teamwork and practicality.

“We are very excited about the new program in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies and we want to reassure all of our students that we will be supporting them in the transition so that their educational experience will be fun and rewarding,” McLeod said.

Similar to WGSS, the Modern Language Studies and Music departments will be holding meetings on Friday, Nov. 16, 4:00-5:00 p.m. in Duke 305 and Wednesday, Nov. 14, 3:30-4:30 p.m. in the Choir Room in Dana, respectively.