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Faculty offers panel on Catalonia

At Guilford’s Nov. 29 panel discussion on the Catalan independence movement, faculty discussed the history of Catalonia, current events in Spain and other separatist movements currently occurring in Europe. The event featured talks from Associate Professor of Spanish Alfonso Abad Mancheño, Professor of History Tim Kircher, Associate Professor of History Phil Slaby and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean Frank Boyd and was intended to provide attendees with a deeper knowledge of the origins of the Catalan independence movement.


Students write for rights

On Friday, Nov. 17, the Greenleaf hosted a Write for Rights event to write notes of solidarity on behalf of prisoners of conscience, people that have been imprisoned for holding political or religious views that are not tolerated by their government. The Write for Rights global letter writing campaign was started by Amnesty International as a way to raise awareness about injustices and to enact change. If anyone was unable to attend Guilford’s event and is interested in writing for human rights, they can submit a letter on the Amnesty International website now until Dec. 31.


ECAR trains new volunteers

Every Campus a Refuge is a Guilford organization founded by Associate Professor of English Diya Abdo that seeks to provide housing and resettlement for refugee families on Guilford’s campus. On Saturday, Nov. 18, the organization offered a training session for people looking to volunteer for ECAR. The training session focused on ECAR’s mission  and the specifics of volunteering for the organization. ECAR has offered training sessions similar to this one in the past and will likely offer more in the future.


Guilford offers Liberation Space Training

On Friday, Nov. 17, the Multicultural Education Department offered a liberation space training focused on the LGBTQIA community. Guilford has offered training like this in the past to give individuals an insight into LGBTQIA issues. This training sought to explore the histories and experiences of people who identify as LGBTQIA and to give attendees the skills to engage in dialogue focused on power, privilege and the intersectionality between LGBTQIA issues and other social issues.


MED hosts event for studen athletes of color

With an invitation extended to all Guilford athletes of color, the Multicultural Education Department hosted the “Whoosh! Dinner and Discussion with Athletes of Color” on Monday, Nov. 13. The event provided snacks and advice for all attendees and focused on how to be a successful student athlete. The discussion gave athletes of color a chance to share their stories and to hear from community members and alumni about their experiences.


Panel explains the usefulness of Spanish in health professions

Hosted by public health, Spanish and health sciences faculty, the panel entitled “Salud en Español” offered Guilford students an insight into the use of Spanish in the health sciences and public health fields. The event, held on Monday, Nov. 13, featured a panel of health professionals, including a pediatrician and a medical interpreter. The panel also focused on how students can integrate study abroad into their study plans and featured a question and answer session.