P-Safe officer of the year

“I’m trying to get to know the students,” said Public Safety officer David Gauldin. “I mean, on not just a professional level, but also a personal level. Asking them how their classes are, are you okay … You can’t cross the line between professional and personal, and I try to keep the balance between the both.”

Guilford recognized Gauldin’s hard work and dedication to the student body this past December when he won the 2012 Public Safety Officer of the Year Award.

Public Safety Officers have been honored with this award since 2004.

“The purpose of this award is to recognize an officer for their performance and service to the Guilford Community,” said Director of Public Safety Ron Stowe in an email interview.

From speaking with students and staff or just interacting with him on the job, it is easy to understand why the honor was given to Gauldin.

“He is well liked among his co-workers, as well as others in the community and seems to have developed a very good rapport with the students, which is very important to what we do in Public Safety,” said Stowe. “He demonstrates a great attitude towards the students he deals with and has a real interest in them as people and their educational experience here at Guilford.”

Gauldin has only been working at Guilford for two and a half years, but in that short amount of time, he has already left an impression on the community.

“David consistently inspires me,” said junior Lyes Benarbane. “The fact that there are Public Safety Officers who are safe, who you can speak to about events on campus, and even just chat with and not feel intimidated by. Honestly, David is a great, powerful and interesting person who I can only say good things about.”

Gauldin’s attitude and genuine concern for students’ well-being can partially be attributed to the fact that he is a father himself.

“I take (the award) seriously, and it comes from the students mostly,” said Gauldin. “The reason that I am the way that I am is because I know that my little girl hopefully will go to college, and you know, that someone will treat her with the same respect as I treat the students here.”

“David is a real stand-up guy,” shared former Guilford student, James Farquar in a phone interview. “At my new school none of the public safety officers can even compare.”

Before Guilford, Gauldin worked in security for at least 20 years, 10 of which were spent in the military.

He now maintains a schedule including working the third shift at Guilford Monday through Friday; being a father, and recently receiving his degree in criminal justice.

“My mom always told me if you like coming to work, that’s when you really know that you really like what you do,” said Gauldin. “I like what I do, I really do.”