‘The Try Guys’ creator tries infidelity

Ned Fulmer was recently fired from the Try Guys’ company, but the other members continue to thrive.

Photo via Google Images, edited by Maria José Guerrero-Hernandez

Ned Fulmer was recently fired from the Try Guys’ company, but the other members continue to thrive.

Recently, fans of the popular Youtube channel “The Try Guys” noticed that one of the titular guys behind the channel has been cut out of recent videos.

Close friends Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang started doing videos together for Buzzfeed in 2014, in which the group tried different foods or activities such as drag or dog sitting. Eventually, the friends decided to create their own company apart from Buzzfeed, and their channel has millions of views and over 8 million subscribers. 

Considering the closeness of the four Try Guys, fans were concerned when they noticed that Fulmer was absent from recent videos.

On Sept. 26, a Reddit user, hamilton390, posted screenshots of Fulmer at a club in NYC, being a little too friendly with one of his employees.

This caused a social media frenzy, and many fans flocked to the Try Guys’ social media to get answers. Fans blasted Fulmer for his infidelity, especially since he was known as the “wife guy” of the group and constantly mentioned how much he loved his wife in almost every video. 

“I think fans have every right to feel the way they feel because this situation makes it hard and awkward to watch old videos of the Try Guys,” said senior and criminal justice major Tiara Martin. “I know I was very frustrated when I saw it because, at one point, the Try Guys were my comfort YouTube videos, and now I can’t even watch their videos anymore without being a detective. I think Ned’s affair coming to light was a great lesson learned. No matter how ‘passionate’ someone is about something or someone, they can change. I also find it interesting how Ned knows he’s a public figure and decided to cheat in a very public place thinking there are no repercussions of his actions.”

“It’s a very gross situation,” said first-year and early education major Cole Swanson. “His entire personality was loving his wife, so when it came out that he cheated it was really disappointing. I do think he deserves the backlash; I think anyone who cheats on their partner deserves the backlash. I also think the lady he cheated with should have more public backlash. Also, he didn’t cheat on a girlfriend; it was his literal wife who he also had kids with.” 

“I used to watch the Try Guys but it’s been many years, so it was a shock to hear the news about Ned and I’m honestly disappointed in his actions,” said senior and history major Alaina Betz. “I do think it’s fair for him to receive backlash from his fans. His whole acting personality was centered around the love he had for his wife. It’s a betrayal on many levels. Plus, cheating is bad. I also think the person he cheated with is deserving of the backlash, too.” 

On Monday, Oct. 3, the Try Guys released an official video statement on their channel, revealing that they had fired Fulmer from their company after learning about his infidelity.

 In the video, they stated they were “just as shocked” as the fans were about the situation and that Fulmer’s behavior “is not what we stand for.”

On the same day the video was released, Fulmer himself came out with a statement on Instagram, apologizing to fans for his “consensual workplace relationship.” The statement claimed that his family should have always come first and that he “lost focus.”

Many fans believe that the statement downplayed Fulmer’s role in the affair. They also feel bad for the remaining three Try Guys, who not only lost a friend but also had to deal with the damage Fulmer’s actions did to their company’s image. Most also feel bad for Fulmer’s wife, Ariel, and think she shouldn’t give him a second chance.

“I personally don’t believe Ariel should give him a second chance,” said Betz. “To me, cheating is inexcusable and no trust can be regained.”

“Ariel should do whatever she feels is best,” said Martin. “I would hate for people to tell me what decisions I should make about a marriage with someone who I have two small children with. But if I…put myself in her shoes, I would certainly leave him and find my peace during this hard time.”

“Cheaters deserve no second chances because they will just cheat again,” said Swanson. “She deserves better, and I hope she got a prenup.”