Goodbye winter, hello spring!


Anahy Gutierrez Martinez/The Guilfordian

Guilford senior Dylan Blowe enjoys skateboarding on the quad on a recent spring afternoon.

On March 20, the spring equinox marked the beginning of spring 2022 in the earth’s Northern Hemisphere, the season in which the natural world is revived after the cold wintry months. 

Birds begin to chirp, flowers begin to blossom and trees begin to grow leaves. More fruit and vegetables are in season and animals come out of hibernation. This is the beginning of warmer temperatures, sometimes paired with strong winds and rainy days. 

In spring, we no longer have to be isolated in our homes from wintry weather. It’s a season of longer days and shorter nights. We can step outside and feel energized to enjoy spring activities such as exercising with pets, planting a garden, playing sports and enjoying nature. We can also light our grills to enjoy delicious cookouts. 

In the past weeks, Greensboro has experienced unpredictable weather—for example, nights with temperatures in the 30s followed by days when it was 70-plus degrees and sunny. 

Guilford College students provided their thoughts on the weather and the start of spring.

“It feels like North Carolina has a lot of stuff going on” with the ups and downs of the weather, said Guilford senior Shirley Bumas-Florian. “It feels like there’s no spring; it either feels like fall or summer and a little bit of winter.”

“I think the unpredictable weather is happening everywhere and I wouldn’t be surprised if we continued experiencing cold weather…just probably not snow,” said first-year student Josephine Hemmer. 

Bumas-Florian said that spring is her second favorite season because it brings warm weather, so people have the chance to go outside and kids get to go out and play. Also, when it rains, it’s warm rain and not cold rain.

Spring brings many students happiness, joy and energy to begin the day.

“I consider spring…my favorite season because (of) my birthday and warmer weather,” said senior Mauricio Lopez. “It gives me motivation to exercise, do homework outside and spend time with friends. Sunny, warm weather makes me feel relaxed and boosts my confidence.” 

Lopez said that the only dreadful thing about spring is allergies and pollen. His car is always covered in pollen, which makes him sneeze, and he has to wash his car frequently.

Senior Dylan Blowe has their own qualms about spring.

“What I dislike about spring are the bees buzzing around me; I would hate to get stung,” Blowe said.

Despite its cons, spring can be an exciting season, as it marks the return of several student activities.

Hemmer is looking forward to track season as well as summer vacation. She enjoys spring in particular because she’s not a fan of hot weather. Bumas-Florian, who is an art major, is looking forward to Serendipity events at Guilford, which take place as calendar moves from March into April. 

While not all Guilford students are fans of spring, it can be a happy season filled with outdoor activities and longer days. And no matter how some feel about the pollen and buzzing insects, everyone seems to agree that they welcome the warmer weather.