Rainy day hobbies give students nostalgic experiences

Students can fill rainy days with familiar indoor and outdoor activities. They may cuddle up with a cozy blanket and a novel, splash in mud puddles, or drink a cup of hot chocolate while binging a favorite television series. There are plenty of rainy day hobbies to choose from!

To shoo away the gloomy feeling that sometimes accompanies rainy days, students may use time indoors to reorganize or redecorate their rooms. 

“My mood is definitely more energetic and happy when it’s sunny out, so if the rain is making me a bit glum I’ll try to get up and move around,” said junior Savannah Henry. “I’ll tend to start reorganizing my room or decorating but then giving up halfway through and finish it like a week later.”

Rainy days are the perfect time to break out some beloved dog-eared books. The steady fall of rain pairs perfectly with the scent of old books, creating a sense of nostalgia for many students. Guilfordians shared some of their favorite reads to pull from the shelf on a dreary day.

“I’ll go for something I’ve already read, or something light I know I will enjoy,” said sophomore Iris Newlin. “Terry Pratchett’s ‘Discworld’ series is really good for this—they’re all so enjoyable.”

“Besides ‘Harry Potter,’ my favorite book of all time is ‘The Sky is Everywhere’ by Jandy Nelson,” Henry added. “I don’t know why, but it’s especially nice to read on a rainy day. It’s beautifully written and poetic. My favorite line is on the last page of chapter two: ‘I look at Joe expecting to see some evidence of an inward groan at the imbecilic words, but I see evidence of something else instead. He smiles at Rachel on a geographical scale too.’ It makes the book sound like a chick flick, but it’s definitely not!”

Guilford students also seem to enjoy television and movie marathons, ranging in genre from classic sitcoms to romantic comedies.

“I really like to watch romantic comedy movies or shows like ‘Vampire Diaries,’” said sophomore Aileen Cerda.

“Community’ is an amazing TV show to watch anytime, my absolute favorite,” Henry added. “It’s easily one of the most underrated shows, and (it’s) available on Netflix and Hulu. My advice: The first few episodes are a little dull, so watch the pilot and then watch Season Three, Episode Four, ‘Remedial Chaos Theory.’ It’ll give you a taste of how high concept this 30-minute TV show can get. There are six seasons, so you can curl up and have a lot of material to watch.”

Rainy day treats like hot chocolate, soup and tea can fill students with nostalgia.  Something about a warm mug filled with a rainy day beverage or meal can bring back memories of home.

 “Soup really hits the spot if it’s cold and rainy, but it has to be, like, good soup,” said Newlin. “On rainy days, my mom will make curry with sweet potatoes and tomatoes and sausage, and that’s always really satisfying, especially because it’s so bright. I love hot chocolate anytime, and I usually end up making a lot of tea on rainy days. I think it helps me feel safe.”

Students love to curl up with a favorite blanket or sweater on a rainy day. Some even have a specific sweater or hoodie just for the occasion.

  “I have a Vans gray zip-up hoodie I got when I was seventeen,” said Henry. “Even though it’s five years old, it’s still one of the softest hoodies I own. As far as a blanket goes, I have a super soft and fluffy Ralph Lauren one I got from TJ Maxx years ago… that I have somehow, by God’s miracle, kept in good condition.” 

“I like wearing any kind of hoodie, or I also like to cuddle up in my pink plush blanket,” Cerdas said.

Some Guilfordians prefer to stay indoors when it rains, while others adventure to their favorite local spots. 

“I’ve had some great times at Barnes and Noble in the rain, reading and staring out windows,” said Newlin.  “But… I mostly just stay in my dorm when it rains now.”

“Honestly, when I was younger I’d like to go out and to a bookstore or Target to smell candles,” Henry shared. “As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve begun to like to stay in. That being said, before the pandemic, if I had a lot of homework to do, I’d go to Starbucks. I thrive off of feeling the warm sun on my face, so when it’s raining I need a change of scenery in order to focus.”

Rainy days can bring back memories that help students take their minds off of their workload. A simple cup of tea, a book that is falling apart through years of use, and a beloved blanket can be the ideal combination for a seemingly dreary day.