Halloween costumes spark creativity within the Guilford community




Students often look forward to celebrating Halloween in college. While this year is unique when it comes to holidays in general, students can still have fun dressing up. Finding last-minute costumes can be challenging, and that’s where do-it-yourself costumes come into play!

My mom has always made my costumes, ever since I was little. I’ve dressed up as a dog, a rock star and even Medusa–my mom tied fake snakes into my hair with ribbons. I have always loved the idea of do-it-yourself costumes because you can look at yourself in the mirror and think, “I did that.” I enjoy being creative with what I own and turning it into a costume. 

Several Guilford students and alumni shared their ideas for simple, fun costumes that students can create themselves.

“A cat… a witch costume, maybe…a ninja…you can DIY a lot of costumes,” said junior Maya Pettway.

“The first thing I think of is…an animal, if you just get animal ears like a cat, because I have…a cheetah print bodysuit,” added Emma Chaiken ‘20. “Or M&M’s. Everyone could be a different color and (you) just put a(n) M on your shirt… I literally just put on a black crop top (and) camo pants and…said I was Kim Possible. Something else you could do is just wear a onesie and say you’re…a pajama girl.” 

 Both Pettway and Chaiken agreed that Pinterest and Tumblr are the best sources for DIY costumes, because they provide creative ideas for costumes that are also low-budget.

Several students suggested using the trends of the year as inspiration for costumes.

 The coronavirus, you could get a giant ball of cotton and then put small holes into the sides and poke sticks out of the holes,” Chaiken suggested. “The first thing that came to my mind was…any Tik Tok trend, you could dress up as Nicki Minaj or like a celebrity that became famous from Tik Tok.” 

 “Maybe you could do a lot of cool memes, or you could do a costume of Clorox wipes or toilet paper…from when quarantine started,” said Natalie Whitmeyer ‘20.

Guilfordians were also asked whether they preferred to buy their costumes or make them.

“When I was younger I would buy costumes or my parents would buy them and that was easier, but I feel like now when we get more into college and out in the real world, we don’t want to spend as much money on costumes, and it is honestly more fun when you do it yourself…Not everyone has to get your costume, and explaining (the costume) is part of the fun,” said Whitmeyer.

“I honestly prefer buying them…I prefer buying separate parts to costumes,” Chaiken said. “I am not going to go to Spirit Halloween because their costumes…fit in weird ways…I don’t really like that.” 

In my opinion, making costumes is much more rewarding than buying a costume. You’re able to have a much higher respect for yourself and the costume because it is uniquely yours. Growing up, all of my costumes were made. My mom and I made all of them. At that time I was disappointed that I didn’t have a cheesy Hannah Montana costume but looking back on it I like mine way better. 

Students often plan out their costumes months in advance, but finding cute and affordable costumes in the midst of COVID-19 is difficult.  Creating your own Halloween costumes is a fun way to celebrate the spooky season despite the chaos of the pandemic.