Campus events are keeping students sane during unprecedented times

Ways to occupy the mind during COVID-19

The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (OSLE) has lately been the hub of student activity. Student engagement and student events are the OSLE’s bread and butter. This organization is an umbrella office that houses the Guilford Student Body Association (GSBA), the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and many other student clubs and organizations. 

The GSBA is responsible for allocating funds to the student organizations and clubs in which Guilford students are involved. 

“I think knowing where your tuition and student fees are going comes from Guilford’s Quaker heritage,” said OSLE Director Terra Roane. “Students are able to have ownership of where their money is going.” 

OSLE and its partner organizations have planned and continue to plan many events for Guilford students. During the three week session, OSLE planned the Welcome Week on Zoom, gave students the opportunity to tie-dye masks, provided stress relief packages and booked a live jazz band underneath the tent near Founders Hall. 

As for the 12-week, Roane and the OSLE interns have a lot planned. Upcoming events include BINGO, a music and game night, an AUX battle hosted by the Black Student Union, Latinx Heritage Kickoff, a drag show  and yoga on the quad. 

The OSLE has been taking many precautions to ensure the safety of students during these unprecedented times.  

“When OSLE hosts an event, masks are required, only small groups of people are allowed to participate in events  and the QR codes you scan before an event are used for contact tracing,”  explained Roane. 

Carmen Curtis, a senior Campus Activity Board Member and OSLE intern, says she has been busy assisting Roane in planning for events since she moved in.  

Curtis describes herself as a quiet person, but due to the virtual nature of OSLE events on campus, she has become more outgoing. 

“I’m trying to get people excited,” Curtis said. “Go to every event you hear about. Get involved!”  

She also suggested checking “What’s the G”, following Guilford College’s Campus Activity Board on Instagram (@guilcocab) and looking for flyers for upcoming events. 

Senior OSLE intern Maya Walfall has also been very busy lately. Aside from her involvement with the OSLE, Walfall is the president of the Black Student Union and the treasurer of the CNC Step Team. 

When she is not in meetings or at CAB events, Walfall likes to explore Greensboro and visit Black-owned restaurants and businesses, including Stephanie’s Restaurant II and Dame’s Chicken and Waffles.

 “There are a lot of Black-owned businesses in Greensboro that I don’t think enough students know about,” Walfall said. 

 On campus, Walfall recommends hanging out in the Intercultural Engagement Center Office and the OSLE, as well as getting to know people on campus.