Hege Library participates in Halloween celebrations


Emma Smith

Sign posted in Hege Library advertising Haunted Hege event.

On Thursday, Oct. 31, the Academic Commons hosted a trick or treating event to celebrate Halloween called “Haunted Hege” for students and children of the faculty in Hege Library. Costumes and candy galore were in the library, and students were participating in multiple activities.

“It brings little kids and everyone to come see the opportunities that Hege has to offer,” said first-year student volunteer Genevieve Brindle.

The event itself was created to provide an on-campus opportunity for anybody to experience trick or treating. Participants were given a map for a scavenger hunt upon arrival and were also encouraged to take candy or even postcards from each table.

Faculty and students were decked out in modern costumes inspired by “The Hangover,” Chucky and Tiffany and even houses from the Harry Potter world. Even students or faculty without costumes attended, just to catch a peek at what was happening.

  Though this event was seemingly successful, a student did voice a few critiques about improving the event for next year.

“If more people showed up it would be great. I think they need to put more effort into it. Maybe do it during the day and maybe not in the library,” said first-year student Dana Beck.

  Games and activities were also present for students to engage in, such as an Ouija board. Bowls were filled to the brim with candy for participants to take. Songs from the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” soundtrack played throughout the event. Students strolled through the library and on the second floor, exploring the different activities available to them.

Students and faculty were able to engage with each other throughout this event. Though seemingly small, most who participated said that they believed it was a great exercise of community involvement and community building. The event itself provided students with a familiar activity that has been around for many years while also including more modern activities, and even some information about the art gallery here at Guilford.

Cary Hardwick, a sophomore and volunteer at this event, was handing students postcards with images of art included in the art gallery.

“I think it’s good community building,” Hardwick said. “It’s a really good way for people to get information while having fun doing a scavenger hunt.”

Haunted Hege was a small event that gathered students and faculty in the library for a little Halloween spirit. This event was an engaging experience for those who wanted to celebrate Halloween in a traditional sense while also being able to learn a bit more about the history of Guilford’s art gallery.

Haunted Hege was a simple representation of what was to come later on the night of Oct. 31. Trick or Treating has been a timeless tradition that is celebrated worldwide, and Haunted Hege was merely an opportunity for students and faculty to enjoy this tradition.


Editor’s note: This story originally was published in Volume 106, Issue 5 of The Guilfordian on Nov. 8 2019.