Students strut stuff in first fashion show


Nicole Zelniker/Guilfordian

Tesia Burton ’16 walked the runway on April 25.

Artificial lights brightened the quad for the models who were preparing in a tent for their runway debut.

On April 25, students walked in Guilford College’s first Intersectionality Fashion Show.

“It was our first time ever doing the fashion show,” said sophomore Iris Suarez. “(We didn’t) have a blueprint (and couldn’t) look to previous years for guidance.”

Preparation for the show began last semester, when first-year Terry Daniels came up with the idea to create an intersectional space where Guilford could celebrate all types of bodies.

“It’s really been a process … since it is her first event,” said junior Rosie Mijangos-Lucero. “But she nailed it, and I think it’s beautiful.”

Every seat was filled along the runway in front of Founders Hall as the models began to walk.

“It was nerve-wracking but mostly exciting to see the faces of all the people that we love supporting us,” said senior Ines Sanchez De Lozada. “That was probably the best part.”

For many, the intersectionality promoted by the fashion show made it great.

“Intersectionality means everybody is proud of themselves for being who they are,” said junior Zi Huang. “Intersectionality means we love our complexities.”

Several models expressed their excitement about being able to walk in a show that promoted diversity.

“Everyone has multiple identities,” said senior Fiona Lloyd-Muller. “I’m not just a woman. I’m not just white. I’m all these things, and that’s how we all are.

“It was good for me to see so many different bodies on the carpet. We didn’t see just the stereotypical model body, so that was really awesome.”

Senior Yashua Clemons considered this an important chapter in Guilford’s history.

“Guilford is taking the right steps,” said Clemons. “We’re bringing awareness and people are realizing what we’ve been trying to do as far as diversity as one of the core values.”

Suarez told The Guilfordian that she thought the show was representative of the Guilford community.

“Guilford as a community is not afraid to say that this is who we are,” said Suarez. “There are people dying for being themselves. It’s beautiful that, here, people can express themselves freely without fear of being judged or fear of being hurt or fear of being shut down.

“It’s beautiful that anyone from any color, shape, size can come out here, strut their stuff, be confident and have that power.”

The show was sponsored by various student groups, like Hispanos Unidos de Guilford and PRIDE.

“This fashion show brought (us all) together,” said sophomore Jessica Canar. “We can be diverse in one group.”

In addition to clubs coming together, models were also able to work with other students they had never met before.

“The people here are really sweet, and Terry has made this whole thing kind of like family,” said first-year Lila Jones.

Those who worked on the show are hoping to continue the new tradition in the future.

“Get ready for next year,” said Daniels. “It’s going to be even more lit.”