Features Fun Facts

Apparently, the forces of finance are with Twentieth Century Fox. Three weeks after the release of “Star Wars,” the film giant’s stock quadrupled in value, going from $6 in June 1976 to nearly $27 after the “Star Wars” release.

If C-3PO’s reactions are any indication, R2-D2 has a bit of a foul mouth. Turns out, in early version of Episode IV’s script, R2 spoke English and had a very colorful vocabulary. Though R2’s lines were eventually changed to the clicks and whistles we all love, C-3PO’s responses were left in.

We all go through a stage when we do not know ourselves, but for Darth Vader it’s a bit more severe. Vader was played by two actors. One, James Earl Jones, voiced the character and the other, David Prowse, acted as his body. The two actors never met.

At one point, Star Wars almost started a war in our own galaxy. While filming in Tunisia, the Libyan military grew suspicious of a piece of Lucas’s set. They expressed their concern to Tunisia, and the Tunisian government promptly asked Lucas to move the Jawa sandcrawler, which apparently looked like a tank, away from the Libyan border.