Features Fun Facts

Think you’re fast? The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on the planet. The birds hunt by diving down on their prey, and during these daring descents they often reach speeds up to 240 miles per hour. That’s only 10 miles an hour slower than the Bugatti Veyron supercar’s top speed.

Think you’re strong? Did you know an average ant can lift 50 times its body weight? That would be like an average male (196 pounds) being able to lift 9,800 pounds. That’s like lifting almost 30 adult bull sharks!

Think you know frogs? The Wallace’s flying frog defies all expectations by, well, flying. Living in the jungle trees of Malaysia, the small green frogs have developed very large webbed feet that allow them to glide away from danger. Sometimes covering 50 feet in the air, these aerial amphibians are quite the interesting specimens.

Think you eat a lot? During peak feeding season, adult blue whales eat four tons of krill in a single day. For perspective, four tons of McDonald’s would be a little over 16,842 Big Macs. To consume that in a day, you would have to eat over 700 Big Macs every hour.