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Having trouble remembering presidential political parties? Oddly enough, every president elected with a beard was a Republican, though Democrat Woodrow Wilson grew one to hide the paralysis in his face after a stroke.

When he made his historic walk on the moon, astronaut Neil Armstrong carried with him a piece of the Wright Flier, the Wright Brothers’ first airplane.

The “Mona Lisa,” one of the most revered pieces of art in history, is known for its subject’s distinct lack of eyebrows. In 2007, high resolution scanning of the painting revealed that the lovely lady at one time had them. Pascal Cotte, the engineer who conducted the scans, guessed the eyebrows had faded over time due to over-cleaning.

Ever miss the sound of your old dial-up modem? Have you forgottenwhat the Windows 95 boot sound was? A website exists for the sole purpose of recording and cataloging sounds made by now obsolete technology. (savethesounds.info)