Music and tabletops and golfing, oh my

Most people expect college students to be involved in something other than school. Whether it is clubs, sports or other types of extracurricular activities, most students become involved in order to be successful as well as have the full college experience.

When Guilford students have free time, they spend it in a variety of ways. Students have plenty to get excited about, as our school has many clubs and activities to take part in.

A popular hobby for people to pick up is playing music. Whether playing guitar, piano or the drums, many students find enjoyment in music. The hobby is easy to cultivate if you put the time and effort into it.

“My advice for anyone wanting to pick up the guitar, or any other instrument for that matter, would be to find a good mentor and don’t let others abilities intimidate you,” said sophomore and guitar major Alex Ward. “You’re not going to sound good the first time you go to play, but that’s okay. We’ve all been there. It takes time. Be patient.”

Another popular Guilford hobby is tabletop role-playing games. Tabletop RPGs are games in which players assume the role of characters in a fictional setting.

“I like it because every game is an adventure you are having with friends,” said senior Ryan Siebens in an email interview. “Your character changes not only by leveling up, but by reacting to the events in the world around them.”

Siebens picked up tabletop RPGs when he first came to the college. One of his friends in the Yachting Club invited Ryan to a meeting. He has played tabletop RPG’s since.

If anyone else is looking to try tabletop RPG’s, then come talk to anyone in the Yachting Club. The club meets upstairs in Founders at 10:30 p.m. every Thursday.

Junior Ben Winstead’s hobby is a little different than guitar or tabletop RPGs. He enjoys golfing in his free time. Winstead started golfing at the age of eight.

“Golfing is relaxing,” said Winstead. “It provides a break from my day-to-day life and allows me to spend time outside.”

There is not a golf club right now, but one may be in the works.

“(Junior) Spencer Becknell and I have noticed that there are a good amount of students that already play golf and are involved in other organizations on campus and we think that it’ll be a good way to bring those golfers together as a part of the Guilford community,” said Winstead.

If interested, contact Ben Winstead or Spencer Becknell.

Students also engage in other ways across campus. There are plenty of interesting clubs such as Disc Golf Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 90.9 WQFS, Biohazard Ultimate Frisbee and many more.

As you can see there are lots of things to do around campus. Any students who are looking to get involved have ample opportunity at this school.